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Government Initiatives

The overall development of a region and its people, depends on the efforts taken up by the representatives of the region in specific and of the country in general. In this section, we bring into light such efforts of the government organizations taken for the uplift of the people of the region.

These initiatives of the government are directed towards the growth, prosperity and development of the people and the region. Like its said, "The journey of thousand miles must begin with a single step", we at korbacity.com, believe that the efforts of the government and non-government organizations,could be fruitful with the positive contribution of the people. So, let us all join hands for the overall development of the country and the fellow citizens. However, this is not an exhaustive list of such efforts. We would keep expanding this list with the time, to bring to you the different schemes and yojnas taken by the central and state governments for the overall development and growth of the people and region.

To know about the schemes, yojnas and acts taken by the central and state government, click on the respective categories:


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